Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Think that dossier is finished? Think again!!

It was a very proud moment when we packed up our remaining dossier items last week and Fedexed them off to our agency. We were so excited!! We had spent several days and countless hours selecting the perfect photos for our photo requirement. Then we spent several more days and countless more hours refining the layout and captions. Believe me, being the perfectionists that we are, we could have spent much more time, but we wanted to get that dossier in!! After wrangling with the printer to get the margins just right (a task that was surprisingly more difficult than it should have been), we packed it up and shipped it all off to the agency, believing that all we had to do from there on out would be to sit back and wait for our referral call. Not so, of course! That would have been far too easy. Instead, we get to go back to Parker Center for the second time in our lives to get one more copy each of our police clearance letter. Think I'm kidding? Oh, no.

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