Friday, August 31, 2007

Missing Trixie

On a lighter note...

We may be missing out on seeing our Island Boy's early development, but the "good" news is that we are also missing out on a *@&$load of diaper changes. There's always a silver lining, right?

Let's come up with a few other things we are missing out on that can be considered "positives"!

How about not having to purchase all of those items that are needed for the first six months but never again?

How about not having to work off the baby weight gain? (ok, that has nothing to do with when our little guy comes home, but it's still nice!)

How about no need to find a sitter for "date night" with my husband (yet)!?

Any others anyone can come up with??


marina said...

How about - he will probably be sleeping through the night - so no late night feedings!

shelley said...

All the crankiness and helplessness of when he is cutting teeth, yes I know that last until they are two...but they seem to get used to it after the first ones. Glad to see such a wonderful attitude...I know it is hard to have your baby 1/2 way around the world.

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Hmmm...I know it would be WAY better to just have him home with you, but try to enjoy your last weeks as a couple--sleeping, having uninterrupted conversations, completing a task at one sitting, etc. Sending good thoughts your way!

Sherry said...

LOL! OK... that whole "Watch-The-Neck" thing... What else??? Hmmm... I just tried to remind myself that during the wait I had a private nanny (that just happened to be in Taiwan but hey it helped me a little. :)

Judy said...

don't have to avoid wine/beer since we are not breast feeding

don't have to worry about SID since they are over 6 months old

don't have to worry about their neck not being strong enough to hold themselves up.

Glen and Andrea said...

My favourites are:
- just deciding on a whim to go to the movies or watch a DVD, when we have our little one these events will have to be planned well in advance or be interrupted.
- Sleeping in on the weekends.
- going out for lunch at friend's, and eating uninterrupted, and leaving when we feel like it.
- leaving the house at all without a huge rigmorale!
- leaving whatever we want on our low coffee table. Leaving remotes and breakable vases on the floor.
- having our cleaners and detergents in the cupboard under the sink.
- Having no kiddie locks on every drawer and cupboard.

It does help a little to think of these things, but I know we still want our children badly.