Sunday, November 04, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Pickup...

and all through our heads,
not a calm thought was stirring,
not even in bed!

The diaper bag was packed by the front door with care,
in hopes that our little one soon would be there.

Mommy and Daddy were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of Island Boy danced in their heads.

Daddy fussed a little and Mommy fussed a lot,
wondering what the two of them forgot.

Oh, diapers! Oh, wipees! Oh, sippee cups! Oh, toys!
Oh, blankies! Oh, bottles! Oh, lotions! Oh, boy!

They charged up the cameras and cleared off the cards,
and tried to relax but found it quite hard.

They were frightened and excited and worried that's true,
wondering what when he saw them he'd do.

They both knew the new day would bring them great joy,
since then they would meet their dear Island Boy.

As they dozed off to sleep on that last late late night,
they knew that tomorrow all things would be right.


shelley said...

That is bloody brilliant!! I don't guess things like that will come when they place that precious bundle in your arms...I was a blubbering lunatic. Still can't wait

Meghan said...

I have butterflies for you! think that this day is finally HERE! CONGRATULATIONS! We can hardly wait for the pictures. Much love to you both!

Tiffany said...

I LOVE IT! I cannot wait - It is 9:00 pm here in PA so that means it's 10AM Mon and you are at SLC RIGHT NOW! OOOOO How exciting I cannot stand it! I am anxiously awaiting the story of your first meeting and pics of Mr Island Boy in his mommy and daddy's arms. THinking of you both!

Judy said...

coutning down the hours till you meet Island boy...

so happy for you guys! love your poem.

M3 said...

Best wishes tomorrow!!!!

Lata said...

You guys must be with Island Boy right now! We cannot wait to hear all about it.

After all the wait, he's finally in your arms!! And we want pictures :)

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

It's 7pm in CA - you are THERE! Jeff and I have been talking about you guys and can't wait to see you with Island Boy back in CA. XOXO Congrats, Mommy & Daddy!