Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Silent Treatment

If it seems like you haven't heard a peep out of us for a while, that's because we haven't heard a peep of news for a while. We've been assured that this is perfectly normal and that things are progressing nicely. After our flurry of paperwork and approvals and decisions, we are left with nothing to do but sit and wait for the phone to ring.

That's not completely true...we could get the baby's room ready and read parenting books and buy little outfits, but we're not really doing any of that. We have been somewhat more aggressive in our "Spring" cleaning activities, but that's about it at this point. It all feels just a little too abstract to us still. There is a part of us that feels it may not happen, although logic tells us that it will.

There's also a practical side to our procrastination. No, really there is! We have no idea when our baby will show up nor do we have any idea how big (or little) he may be. It's simply not practical to start collecting cute little newborn outfits which is a bit of a relief in some ways. I can already see how easy it will be to find baby items irresistible. We have "cheated" just a teensy bit and bought a few things that were not possible to resist. We justified our purchases by noting that each of the items is suitable to be ready whenever our baby shows up or, alternatively, any of these items could make a nice gift for someone else. Yes, the rationalization engine is high gear.

We expect the "silent treatment" to continue for several more months before we are one day jolted into the reality that it is happening and we'd better get prepared. Until then, we will think about all the things we could be doing and possibly even do some of them. :-)

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