Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Musical Memories

We tried a new Mexican restaurant recently on what turned out to be Mariachi night. We sat on the patio where we could hear the music yet enjoy the beautiful evening outdoors.

After dinner, Island Boy watched the dancers preparing to go on stage (flirting with the ladies, as always). When we took him in to watch the show, we were holding him and standing near the wall trying not to block anyone's view. He wanted down so he could launch into his own full-on dance routine that stole the show. Ah, to be so uninhibited!!

A few nights ago we decided to try the restaurant again. As we approached the entrance, Island Boy began snapping his fingers and dancing. He totally knew where we were!! Although it wasn't Mariachi night, Island Boy found the recorded music inspiring enough to try out some of his moves up on stage and he didn't even have any margaritas!


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

awww how sweet! Wish you had video :)

Noah's Mommy

Tiffany said...

IB is getting soooo big - I cannot believe it, he's so handsome and appears to be the life of the party! I love it. I had so much fun catching up on your blog tonight. Your fam has the best adventures :)

hugs -
tiffany (and sophia too!0