Tuesday, December 30, 2008

64 Degrees

It was 64 degrees the day after Christmas, but not here. Care to take a guess where? Would you imagine it was in Ohio? Yes, outdoors in Ohio!! Northern Ohio!!

While LA has been experiencing a bit of a cold snap, Ohio was enjoying an after Christmas meltdown of the good weather kind. Snow for Christmas and warmth the day after? Perfect!

Of course this is the year we stayed in LA, but we're not complaining. We've had gorgeous, albeit cold, weather here over the last few weeks. It rained (something that many of us here in LA actually look forward to - especially if we don't have to drive in it) and that meant a fresh batch of snow on the mountains and clean air all around.

LA after a good rain looks like a different place with snow-capped mountains in clear view from the beach. In fact, you can get to the snow from the beach in two hours or less (traffic permitting) and that is exactly what we did today. We poked sticks in the snow, made a snowman and watched the big kids on their makeshift sleds. Not exactly a white Christmas, but a lovely day nonetheless.

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