Monday, April 06, 2009

Proud Big Brother

Island Boy has had the past six days or so to settle in to his new role as Big Brother and I cannot tell you how proud of him I am.

While he will proudly run over to introduce his little sister to any visitors and he knows that giving her a gentle kiss on the cheek or head produces very positive reactions, it's obvious he's doing it for more than a reaction. When we're alone, just us four, Island Boy is just as eager to kiss her, to cuddle with her, to care for her as he is when he is doing it in front of company.

He even takes great care of his little sister when she's not even in the room. He is happy to pretend she's in her car seat. He will check on her and offer her some pretend milk and he's even super gentle with the pretend version of his little sister.

He loves to hold her hand, or gently stroke her hair and give her hugs. Apparently, he was even been telling all of his friends at the park about the latest family addition, too.

We're not sure if all of this behavior has anything at all to do with the fact that his little sister gave him a cement mixer as a present when he came to visit her in the hospital for the first time, but I'm sure that didn't hurt.


Ken said...

where's the picture of the Cement Mixer?

Kim said...

That's so cute!

J+Di Di said...

That is so sweet!