Monday, October 19, 2009

Scientific Method at Work

A friend picked Island Boy's Daddy up for a meeting yesterday.

"Windshield wipers!", Island Boy observed as he checked out said friend's car.
"Mommy's car has the same! And Daddy's car has the same!"

He didn't stop there...he noticed the rear wiper on Mommy's car and said,
"One more windshield wiper!"

Noticing that Daddy's car had no such rear wiper, he formed the hypothesis that some cars have windshield wipers on the back and some do not. He then walked around to the back of Daddy's friend's car to check his hypothesis.

Check! Hypothesis confirmed. He seemed satisfied with his work.

Don't you love to watch little minds at work?


Kim said...

It's so much fun to see them learning, working things out. Mine is all about opening boxes, putting things in them, closing the box, opening again, taking things out, closing. Also, he can just reach doorknobs and is working on closing doors (can't turn the knob to open yet - thank goodness!)

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