Sunday, July 04, 2010

Independence Day

Island Boy has been interested in reading for a long time. I am still convinced he had never seen a book before we met him and that concerned me for a while. At this point; however, any concerns about that are long gone.

He's been reading along with us for quite a while now - often saying the words with us or finishing a sentence for us. Last night he insisted on reading to us and he read entire books to us.

Yes, books! Plural. Start to finish. He knows the words.

No, he didn't *really* read them, but he's getting there and it is delightful.


joven said...

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Kim said...

It *is* delightful. I got chills when TLD started counting things in his counting book. Speaking of books, Barefoot is having their summer sale. Just go through my web site - and most shipping (as long as there are no bags or toys) is $4.99.