Thursday, February 15, 2007


Today we received a questionnaire from our agency. We weren't expecting it and we haven't heard aaaaaany news in a looooong time, so it felt good to have something that seemed like it was making a productive contribution to the process during the wait.

The questionaire was a two-pager that could just as easily have been filled out at the beginning of the process along with all the other paperwork. For some reason they sent it now - not long (we hope) before we expect to receive our referral. Interesting.

Curious yet? Ok, I'll get to the content. Each of the questions had one of three possible responses: "yes", "would consider", or "no". While some of the questions were basic and had already been considered (e.g. boy? girl? twins?), others were a bit more sticky (e.g. premature? low birth weight? birth mother smokes?). The remainder were all about various afflictions and maladies that you prefer to think just don't happen in this century, but sadly, they do. In any case, the answers all came relatively easily to us and we had the form back in the mail within an hour of opening it.

Is it progress? We hope so!


TaiwanMommy said...

Congrats on your progress! Hope it goes quickly!

Mom to 5,
3 bios
2 from Taiwan

R... said...

You're so sweet! I appreciate the good wishes!