Wednesday, April 25, 2007

News! Sort of...

Well, I finally got tired of waiting for an update from our agency and called them. We haven't heard ANYthing since December when we called the agency and were told we'd get updates approximately every month or so. Heh.

Anyway, the news was mostly good at a time when we could really use some good news. We are "around" sixth on the wait list with our agency, so depending on the number of babies included in the next batch of referrals they receive, we may be hearing something very soon! Yikes!!!

I also learned that travel times are ranging between three and seven months after referral, with most traveling within four months after referral. Babies are between three and five months old at referral, so between six and twelve months old by the time they come home. Try to prepare for that range of tiny clothes!

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Mom-of-5 said...

Any news yet...hoping you hear something soon !! 6th...that doesn't sound too bad.
Hoping you hear something soon !