Saturday, October 11, 2008

Parenting Paradox

I've been attending a parenting class. The class lasts for several weeks and it takes up several hours on a weekday evening. I was pretty surprised to learn that I was in the minority as one of the few in attendance who didn't have their spouse in tow. I felt fortunate that I was able to get hubby home from work early enough to enjoy a boys night at home so I could attend the classes, but as I looked around the room I couldn't help but whether all of the couples in the class have nannies or family nearby or what??

It turns out to be a pretty interesting class and one that is well-suited for couples (yet not to the detriment of the few of us attending without our spouses). Still, it seems a paradox to spend time away from one's child in order to learn to be a better parent. Can we become better parents by spending time away? That's what we're all hoping.

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