Saturday, November 08, 2008

Flag Day

Island Boy loves flags. Along one of our regular driving routes we get to see a very large American flag. Each time we approach it, Island Boy excitedly says, "Flag! Flag!", as soon as it comes into view. As soon as we've passed it and it is no longer within view, he says, "More, please!". I always tell him we'll see it again soon.

Today an American Flag was flown over the US Capitol in honor of Island Boy. We have now been home for over a year. We couldn't think of a more appropriate gift to commemorate this very special occasion.

It's been a pretty incredible year. Island Boy has grown and changed so much. He's a truly amazing and very happy person and that makes all of us very happy.

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Lisa said...

What an incredible gift and awesome way to celebrate your year as a family! I thank you for sharing that and congratulations!!
Lisa C.