Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lobster Bones

Island Boy enjoyed a nice dinner out with family a few nights ago. His favorite part of the meal was gnawing on a lobster leg.

"Bone!", Island Boy pointed out.

No, I explained, that was a shell. I went on to describe a shell as something that was on the outside, while bones were generally found inside.

Island Boy turned, pointed to the window and said, "Outside!".

Hmm. Good point.

No, I said, shells were outside of a creature, not outside of a building.

Island Boy pointed out the window and confirmed, "Outside!".

As I pondered the best way to clear up the misunderstanding, Daddy wisely decided to just go with it, and offered Island Boy another "lobster bone".

"Bone!", Island Boy declared happily.

We all smiled and enjoyed the rest of our meal since, as anyone that is the parent of a toddler knows...when Island Boy is happy, we're all happy!

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