Thursday, February 19, 2009


We've been attending a class which requires each child to locate their name tag among all of the children's name tags when we enter the classroom each week.

The teacher patiently guides each student to the correct name tag each week and the parents happily pin them on. While the students are all under the age of three, it turns out that this exercise has not been entirely in vein.

This past week I watched in amazement as Island Boy walked over to the name tags and, before teacher or Mommy could intervene, he correctly selected his own name tag amongst all the choices! I'm the first to admit that Island Boy is not yet reading (nor should he be), but the fact that he may be able to recognize his own name (even in this entirely unscientific and very limited "experiment") is pretty exciting. Of course, I'm trying to restrain my excitement a bit as I wait to see if he does it again...

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