Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preschool Tryouts

I've been to three preschool functions in less than a week. That's correct, we're not yet *IN* preschool, but I have found myself hustling back and forth to a variety of activities. Although technically not mandatory, these functions are, in fact, a test of the level of commitment one is willing to offer to a particular school. I'm not complaining. In all fairness, these activities are, for the most part, fun. Still, if you had told me a few years ago what was required or preschool entry, I doubt I would have believed it.

Yes, this is the season for preschool decisions - the time during which preschool directors are reviewing applications for Fall admissions and deciding which lucky families will be a part of their programs beginning next Fall.

For parents, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Island Boy and his future classmates are blissfully ignorant of the many hoops their parents are jumping through in an effort to secure their spots. Oh, to be 2 again!!

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Kim said...

That sounds so incredibly stressful. We're just happy we have a day care that TLD loves.