Saturday, June 06, 2009

Greatest Holiday Ever

Yesterday our family celebrated not one, but two special days. In case you missed it, yesterday was National Doughnut Day, a day that could in fact be the greatest holiday ever invented.

What? You've never heard of it, you say?

If that is the case, I can only attribute that to the fact that this holiday is not what one would consider a traditional "Hallmark" holiday. No, unlike Sweetest Day, for example, you need not purchase a $5 card to celebrate. No, you can dispense with worrying about the proper way to say something sweet and with fretting over whether chocolates or flowers or both are required to convey the proper sentiment.

No, on National Doughnut Day it is very clear what you must do to celebrate!

Eat doughnuts!!

You gotta love that.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Hmm....I think we actually had donuts on National Donut Day. I know we had one a week late....