Wednesday, June 10, 2009


One of Island Boy's favorite activities these days is to pick out things that are the same.

It's fascinating to watch him as he drops what he's doing to show me that he understands that the color of his train matches the color of the chair (and the plate and the picture frame and the pillow case and the towel and the tag on the side of my pants and the flyer that came in the mail and the beak on the bird in the picture on page 5 of the book and...) or that the picture of the owl in the book is the same creature as the plastic owl statue that guards our apricot tree in the back yard or that the spider in the book is the same as the arachnid we saw on our walk or get the picture!

While this game is fun, it's even more fun when Island Boy tests us to see if we're paying attention by showing us that something is the same when he knows it is not the same. He always does this with a watchful eye and bursts into laughter when we catch him at it. If we don't catch him at it, he will continue to test us until we finally realize that he's caught us and you cannot help but smile when that happens.

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Kim said...

That's so adorable!

I'm still marveling that our little guy will follow directions, to get something, or put something down, or hand it over to us. Sometimes he wants to undo it, but usually it's to do it again and again.