Friday, August 21, 2009

SIGG Alert

If you happen to use the practical and fashionable water bottles by SIGG, you will want to read their statement about BPA content by clicking here. If you have a SIGG bottle manufactured prior to August 2008, you can send an email request to the company for a replacement liner. If you're not sure when your bottle was manufactured, look at the photos here to figure it out.

The bottles really are pretty great to use, so I'm glad they've worked it out (they do claim that even the older bottles were completely safe, but I'm one to be ultra conservative with this sort of thing, so I don't plan to test the theory on my own family).

It does make you wonder what kind of gunk is in pretty much everything we use. For our part, we're trying to eradicate as much plastic as possible from our lives - especially any plastic that touches our food. That isn't easy to do, particularly when it comes to food storage. We also try not to let aluminum foil come into contact with our food. These things aren't easy, but we're doing our best.


Lisa said...

I feel the very same makes me shudder to think of all the gunk! Thanks for the alert!!! Its wonderful when caring Mamas look out for other Mamas! :)

Kim said...

I just saw this on

R... said...

Interesting! So you have the choice of sending in your old SIGG for a completely free replacement OR, if you prefer, you can get 30% off another bottle brand at the Big Bottle Swap. Thanks, Kim!