Monday, August 24, 2009

Bagging Our First Summit

It is difficult to stand perched atop a mountaintop and not appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

Unless you are two. If you happen to be two or so, you might instead enjoy the challenge of bagging the "summit" upon the summit - i.e. clamoring up the pile of rocks located near the Ranger's feet. Technically, I guess he had found the highest spot on the mountain, although I'm not sure if temporary structures count. Still, you have to give him credit for going for it.

We bagged our first summit as a family of four last weekend. While riding the gondola to the top was a far cry from the way we conquered summits in the past, it was rewarding nonetheless.

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Kim said...

Excellent family photo! Put that up next to your Mt. Kilamanjaro. There were a lot more steps in making this one!