Monday, September 21, 2009

More Tuba, Please!

We were sitting around yesterday which is an unusual thing around here on its own when Island Boy said, "I want tuba, please!".

Excuse me? Could he be thinking of Tuba Dad? It's been a while since we've seen them and I'm pretty sure he didn't actually see Tuba Dad in action. Hmm...

"Tuba, please!"

We don't have a tuba, son.

"Tuba. On the TV. Please!"

Puzzled look from me.

"Tuba, Bam!"

"Oh!! You want to see the tuba that was on TV last week, right?"

"Yes! Tuba! Bam!" (this was followed by squeals of delight)

Ohio State fans will recall that just last weekend, one very enthusiastic tuba player dotted the "i" in Script Ohio with such pride and conviction that he unwittingly knocked out the cameraman covering his closeup. 'Twas quite the sight, and rather impressively, both men continued to do their jobs with barely a hiccup.

Enjoy (in both focused and full-length versions)!


Lisa said... guys are dedicated to their crafts to resume so quickly! I love that Island Boy wants it on demand! :)

Being a bit behind I also wanted to say "yay" for your big boy with his new bike and first day of school. So many firsts and milestones.....exciting but hard sometimes for Mama! :)

Thanks for the updates!

shelley said...

Has Tubadad seen the video yet? I am sure that would make his day