Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What Kind of Parent are You?

I don't ask the question to make you wonder whether you're a good parent or a bad parent (Although every parent makes mistakes, very few of us are truly bad parents.), but rather to get you thinking about what kind of parent you'd like to be. What kinds of things do you want to do for your children? What kinds of things might be too much?

Read this article to get you thinking about some of the ramifications of what you might or might not want to do and see whether it changes your mind. Or not.


Kim said...

I grew up in the "assimilate" years. Honestly, I think the most telling line of that article is about the different feelings had more to do with whether the parents were good parents. It's interesting to think about, though.

Lisa said...

This is a lot to think about and its been discussed a lot recently on various message boards, blogs, articles, etc. Sometimes its difficult to know if you are doing enough or even too much.

For our part, we know that providing this crucial birthcountry link is not static; its always evolving and its important to really really listen to your child and aim to reflect their aptitudes and wishes along the way.

I also think at some point you understand that as a parent you try your best each and every day and in the end, hope that your child grows up always knowing they were/are valued, loved, cherished....for who they are, not just where they came from.

Great article....I actually think its worth reading a second time too....lots to absorb!
Thanks! :) Lisa