Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Call

The message on the machine was innocuous enough: "Call me. I have a bit of an update for you.".

We were pretty sure that meant we didn't make it into this batch of referrals and that the "good " news would be that we would be near the top of the list when the next batch came in. We called the agency back, but they were gone for the day and we figured we were out of luck for the evening. Imagine our surprise when the phone rang and we learned that our referral is here!!! Our baby boy, should we choose to accept him, is normal and healthy and, we're told, cuuuute! We won't see the photos until tomorrow - a day when my dear husband had already packed his schedule far beyond capacity, but sometimes you just have to make priority changes even on days when you thought it wasn't possible.

Tomorrow morning, we will see photos, medical records, and we're not sure what else. And then the next wait begins. Oh, and the shopping!!

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