Friday, June 01, 2007

Adoption Math and Updates

On Thursday, we received our first update since our referral and it did not produce the emotion I expected. It made me grumpy! The vagaries of adoption math are to blame.

When we received our referral, we were told it would take about two and a half weeks from the time we accepted the referral to the time our dossier would be ready to go to Taiwan. While two and a half weeks seemed like an awfully long time, we were ok with it and hoped it would happen faster. By my ticker, it took almost three and a half weeks. Not happy. No, not happy at all. On top of that, we had been thinking our wait might be four months from referral. Instead, our agency clarified that the average court time may be four months, but we wouldn't travel for up to two months after that. We were advised to plan for six months and be happy if it happens sooner. Six months from now is December. That's crazy talk!

Adoption math is fuzzy and illogical and the only thing I can do when I hear updates like this is calculate how old our little boy will be by the time we bring him home and think about how much better it would be for everyone if we could somehow make the entire process go more quickly.

The good news is that our dossier should now be in Taiwan and on its way to the courts. Hurray!

Now, for the updates. He is 24 inches and a whopping 11.5 pounds and so cute we cannot stand it.


shelley said...

I knew I hated math for a reason. It doesn't add up to me either...and I am on the long part of the wait.

Let's click our heels and say there is no place like Taiwan....


Judy said...

Renae, once we have our babies, all the wait will be worth it. Hang in there. I am in this with you.