Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Court Process

We're waiting for news from the vet (not easy) and I have some catching up to do in sharing updates from our agency.

We received a letter from our agency last week explaining that our dossier and care package had been received in Taiwan on June 4, not on June 1 as I had previously thought. The good news is that it is there now and we hope our little guy is enjoying his gifts and a judge somewhere in Taiwan is processing our case quickly.

The letter went on to say that the average time for cases is six months, rather than the four we had previously been told. We're trying not to get discouraged, but it was hard not to feel down after reading the letter.

We also received details on the stages of the court process in Taiwan. They are:

Stage one: Dossier is sent to Taiwan
Stage two: Case is sent to judge
Stage three: Case receives first decree and a minimum of ten days must then pass without anyone objecting
Stage four: Case receives final decree
Stage five: Court documents are translated and paperwork is finalized
Stage six: US agency receives documents and we can travel!

Somewhere in there we will have some additional paperwork to do including making copies of our tax returns and getting more government documents processed and notarized, but we're not to worry about those details just yet. Our agency will give us the green light on those items when the time comes. It really can't come quickly enough.


Alice said...

I hope and pray the court process moves fasr, fast, FAST for you guys!

shelley said...

Sorry to hear that the court process is more than you thought. I HATE disappointment. Thanks so much for sharing the court helps me know what to expect.


Sherry said...

By far the hardest wait! Our judge took 6 months but others were done in 2... so I will be praying that you receive their judges:)