Friday, July 20, 2007


I was surprised to see 2 mysterious boxes at the front door today! We feel so fortunate that our dear friends offered to throw a shower and a celebration party for us next weekend, so I suspect these boxes have something to do with that. They were a great pick-me-up in another day of following doctor's orders from running the ice machine twice an hour (not that kind of ice machine! this one is to help speed the recovery process), to making sure everyone eats and exercises and otherwise tending to my two patients. I am lucky to have two very good and appreciative patients, but the score is still:

Patients: 2
Patience: 0


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rhinetiffany said...

Have a great time at your shower celebration this weekend! It makes it all VERY real - glad to hear all your patients are doing well :) Can't wait to see updates of island boy :)

Tiffany - Sophia's mom