Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Can you believe this??

I had not a minute to spare today. We met with the vet this morning but had to leave our girl there to undergo various tests, so I ran home, stopped at the post office and headed back to the vet to pick her up. It was on the way, so I ran in to the pharmacy to pick up our doggie's weekly supply of Zofran (yes, it is so worth the over $20 per pill). I was in there a total of maybe five minutes. Tops. I returned to my car to see this:

That's odd. A white van is parked in my car's bumper and there is no one in the vehicle. My car is in its parking spot, mind you, and let's just say the van is not in its. There is not a soul in sight that appears to own the van. The vehicle is in very poor condition and is filled to the brim with trash. A crowd is gathering to gawk at the composition. Others are annoyed that they can't pass by since the white van is blocking the way.

Eventually, a very nice woman returned to the vehicle. We had to wait for her wife (no, not a typo) to return before they were able to locate insurance information, but I was quite relieved to learn that they had insurance. She claimed they had made sure the van was in park "and everything", but apparently, they had not.

This is just what I need, isn't it? Of course it is. I'd much rather deal with an insurance claim than do all that silly work I had planned! :-|


Judy said...

sorry to hear about the car. hope the damage was not too great.

shelley said...

What the...people are funny creatures. Sorry

Kim said...

Oh, that's such a bummer. But hey, no injuries, right?

Sherry said...

So did you go through all the appropriate stages?

Stage 1~ What THE!?!
Stage 2~ Anger level rising...
Stage 3~ Did I hear you right?
Stage 4~ Is it a full moon?
Stage 5~ Wait til hubby hears this story.

Im sorry... I hope you had a better day today:)