Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baby Steps

When this evening rolls around we will have been home for three weeks. So much has happened, it seems impossible to capture it all in my head let alone on a blog.

Overall, Island Boy is becoming increasingly comfortable meeting new people and experiencing new things here at home. He is certainly less comfortable when away from our home, but he seems to be getting better with that, too, as long as Mommy and Daddy are with him.

We've tried to take baby steps with things like introducing Island Boy to new people, spending time away from home and the like, but with Thanksgiving in the middle of things, we have instead gone over the top in the other direction. Thanksgiving weekend gave us the opportunity to spend time with family and friends from both in and out of town. On Saturday we had a house full of toddlers ranging from 2-4 years old and Island Boy had a great time rolling with the "Big Boys" (and one "Big Girl"). He wanted to do everything the big kids did and the next day he demanded to walk (with our help) much more than usual and for what seemed like all day long, wanted to ride the scooter (but his legs aren't long enough so we need to help with that, too) and generally wanted to act like a Big Boy. He was definitely having fun and so were we.

The weekend was also a big step for Mommy - it was the first time I have spent even a minute away from baby since Pick Up Day. Those few hours were overdue and glorious.

We also enjoyed our first dinner over at a friend's house (and we're pretty sure we might even get invited over to said friend's house again ;-) and had our first play date and trip to the zoo! (I am embarrassed to admit it was also my first trip to the LA Zoo.) We had a good time, but mostly because it was an outing. I'm not sure Island Boy appreciated the cuddly-looking koalas and the adorable giraffe baby as much as Mommy did!

Of course, we've paid for all of the activity and for the parade of people. Island Boy always seems a little unsettled after any flurry of activity. (During the flurry of activity, all often appears well, but we soon learn otherwise!) This time, he was bored and grumpy for a few days as our lives returned to "normal" (whatever that is). Today he seems to be cheerier once again. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the good mood continues.


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Lata said...

Thanksgiving sounds like it was fun with Island Boy meeting so many people. Glad he had fun, even if he took a few days to get over it.

And glad Mommy got some alone time to recover from Mommy brain too :) That's always good for full recharge.