Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Wonders of the World

Island Boy is reintroducing us to the wonders of the world and we don't even need to travel to Cambodia (or elsewhere) to experience them.

When was the last time you were mesmerized by the way the sunlight moved across the kitchen floor?

The last time you spent minutes simply exploring the way leaves on a tree reacted to your touch?

Do you remember what it was like to feel grass under your feet for the first time?

Sand through your fingers?

Do you still giggle because you find it funny that your Mom and Dad sang a song to you (for the 1st or the 32nd time in a row)?

Have you ever (since you can remember) experienced the joy of sitting in the bathtub and splashing just for the sake of splashing?

Take five minutes (or five hours!) to wonder at your world (today and every day). I can think of nothing better.


Judy said...

we teach our child and also learn from our child. Thank you for the reminder. need to go home and smell the roses :)

Lata said...

Aren't children wonderful! They really make us rethink our priorities, don't they?

That was a beautiful post!

rod said...

Well said.

Sounds like you are all adjusting to your new lives very well!


shelley said...

Who care about the 8 wonders of the world when you have beautiful island boy to wonder at and discover with.

Rebecca said...

Babies definitely teach us to slow down and meander through life a little. It's wonderful to see a baby experiencing things for the first time and seeing their little reactions!!