Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Weeks and a Lifetime to Go

It's difficult to believe it was two weeks ago that we picked up our little Island Boy. It seems like such a very long time ago. He's been adjusting surprisingly well. We're very proud of him and very happy to see him smiling so often.

When we met him, he was very quiet - like a computer processing a ton of information. It took him a while to take everything in, but he soon had a very big smile for Mommy & Daddy. Since he's been home, he has big smiles for us every day (although not all day, every day!) and has demonstrated all of his little 9 month old skills including cruising, transferring objects from one hand to the other and using the "pincer" grip. In addition, he's amazed us with his curiosity and with a few surprises (which you will be hearing more about in a later post). The boy also has some mad climbing skills!

He's still far more interested in the refrigerator, our shoes, every technology item in the house (and there are plenty of those) and anything made of paper that Mommy & Daddy are reading or might want to read than his own toys.

He is still sleeping through the night - a fabulous 12 hours worth if we let him - and still loves his bath. He's a challenge to feed, primarily because he wants to do it all himself and isn't quite skillful or speedy enough to get enough food in entirely on his own yet (although he does manage to get a spoon of a variety of thick purees into his mouth on his own, so we're certain it won't be long). We're feeding him tiny baby-sized bits or purees of whatever we're eating. Although the pediatrician suggested trying a new food every three days or so, he's been getting perhaps 3 new foods a day. As long as he's happy, we're happy! So far he's indicated a clear preference for cavalo nero (black kale) and peas, but he's been willing to try anything he can get his little hands on.

Alas, all is not paradise here. Our little angel does let us know when he requires a basic need to be met. Most of the time we figure it out before a meltdown occurs. When we don't, we all pay for it. Meltdowns are no fun. Trust me.

Although baby is getting more sleep, Mommy & Daddy have been getting less (we're busy catching up on work and housework after Island Boy goes to bed). Mommy & Daddy have also been getting less to eat despite spending more time at the table. Funny how that works!

All in all it's amazing to think of all that's transpired in the last fourteen days. And this is just the beginning...

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Jackie said...

Wonderful post! It's incredible to watch your journey. Thanks for letting us along for the ride.

Happy Thanksgiving!