Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Days Last Forever

Sometimes it seems as though the days (or even the minutes) last forever.

Although Island Boy's vocabulary at this point is limited at best, he somehow manages to convey a multitude of demands throughout the day.

For example, we manage to understand that we are expected to read, nay sing, "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" (E-I-E-I-O!) a minimum of 42 times. In a row.

We are expected to walk endless laps around the house guiding our little one towards his first solo attempts.

We are expected to read minds, one in particular.

We are expected to constantly entertain without fussing too much - or too little.

We are expected to assist, but not too much, in conveying a reasonable amount of food, one tiny spoonful at a time, into one tiny little mouth three times a day. We are expected further to understand what type of food Island Boy is in the mood for and how much he would like and this includes determining how much food should be allocated for self-feeding vs. assisted feeding.

And, although we aren't expected to, we do understand that the tears won't last forever, even though it sometimes seems like they might.

Will all of these requirements filling our days, we're always mindful of what our friends with toddlers recently told us:

The days last forever...
but the years fly by.


Chairman Mom said...

Being psychic helps a lot in the care and feeding of pre-verbal little ones. Didn't you see that in The Manual? (Heh. Yeah, I didn't get one, either.)

Sounds like you're doing great!


Tsang Family said...

That last bit is soooooo true!! Time really does fly far too quickly. He sounds like a lot of fun and you all sound like you're having the time of your lives!


shelley said...

When we brought Claire home at 20 months, so many people asked us if she talked. No talking but she communicated her needs quite well. Enjoy this time in his babyhood, this too shall pass.

Rebecca said...

So true!! And they do have so MANY little demands, don't they??

Have you guys heard of baby sign language?? I did that with my son before he learned to say words... it was amazing how fast he picked it up, and it worked!! He was so much less frustrated when he could communicate what he wanted.

Sherry said...

Oh that is very true... that last quote! Isnt it odd how one day you have a child that loves applesaucce then the next day doesnt want a thing to do with it while smearing it all over your hand-made Persian rug??

Lata said...

Very true. We are constantly amazed at how much can be communicated without words!

Enjoy these forever lasting days with Island Boy, you'll be reminescing about them soon.