Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Island Boy is full of surprises. Shortly after we brought him home, we purchased a toothbrush for him and braced ourselves for a challenging experience.

We got ourselves ready. Mommy held him and Daddy brought the brush up to his mouth and then... Island Boy reached out, grabbed the brush, opened his mouth and began to brush!! We were amazed that our little nine month old was voluntarily brushing his own teeth! This was even more amazing to us given that the little guy has only TWO.


Sherry said...

Whats with these boy's of ours?? If island boy turns out like Kobi then he will start asking for his toothbrush in the near future. (Im just glad he remembers...LOL!)

Lata said...

Um...can you ask Island Boy to give our baby some tips? She wants the toothbrush, but only to brush her tongue!!

Way to go, Island Boy!