Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Holiday Season

Island Boy and Mommy were out until well past midnight last night. What do you imagine we were doing?

Finishing up our Christmas shopping?

Celebrating at a holiday party?
If only!

No, for us the holiday season this year meant that Daddy got called out of the country on business and Mommy got to take Island Boy to the emergency room. That's right! Just to make sure we weren't bored while Daddy was gone, our little guy had to stir things up a bit. He managed to get a little infection in his tiny little fingernail and, just before bedtime, we noticed an alarming red stripe running up his little finger. We high-tailed it to the emergency room where we cooled our heels for three hours. Apparently the guy with chest pains got priority over a baby that was hours past his bedtime. Go figure!

We are quite pleased to have found a practical application for the "show me your tongue" thing. The emergency room staff was duly impressed to see Island Boy taking his medicine so well and I have to say Mommy was too.

We're doing fine now (other than being dreadfully tired). However, at this point there are no guarantees that we will be completing all or really any of our pre-holiday or year end tasks despite our best intentions. We can't wait until Daddy comes home!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Dear Island Boy,

Reed loves to read about Violet, Hannah Claire, Megan, Kobi, and Lauren Ling. He even reads about you too, but we haven't linked you up because we haven't ask permission. Ask your mommy if we can put you under our Taiwan sites. Also, you can link us up if you like. I am glad your finger is better. I like the taste of Tylenol. It's yummy. Have you tried it?

love, reed

Jackie said...

R -
Sounds exhausting! But I'm so glad I.B. is home and recovering. :) Happy Holidays! Hope to see you soon.

Judy said...

hope you both get some needed rest. hope I.B. gets better soon.

Rebecca said...

Why is it that stuff like that always happens when your husband is gone???

Glad he's ok! :)

R... said...

I was wondering the same thing!!

Tsang Family said...

Glad he's ok - I hate ER visits too! His tongue trick is just too cute!! Lori

Lata said...

Sorry about the scare, but glad that Island Boy is better now. Hope he stays away from the ER in the future.