Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Party Tricks

It is now clear to us that Island Boy knows what we want.

He will often (although not always) pause and look at us for approval before proceeding towards a prohibited area or object. He sometimes even accommodates us and responds to our requests to "clap your hands!" or "wave bye-bye!".

The one "party trick" that never fails is a request to "stick out your tongue". He even understands and indulges us with such variants as "show me your tongue" and "where's your tongue?".

We're so proud!


Judy said...

We are proud of him, too. So smart!

Chairman Mom said...


Just wait. He'll be four, like my kiddo, and then he'll stick out his tongue BEFORE you ask him to! :-)

He is learning very fast! And clearly getting cuter every day!

Rebecca said...

What a sweet boy!!! Look at that little face... oh, he's precious.

Hugs to your family,

Lata said...

How cute! I love it.