Friday, February 08, 2008


I always find baby milestones interesting and fun. I'm learning along the way as well. The "pincer grip" - who knew??

We're tracking most "official" milestones quite nicely (umm...we're supposed to be mimicking how Mommy and Daddy hold the phone up to our ear by now, but what with modern technology such as it is, baby has learned instead to mimic putting the phone down in front of him and using the speaker phone). As with growth charts and the imperfection of "official" measurements, I find it equally fun to identify and track our own milestones of Island Boy's development.

For example, he's learned to miraculously remove his favorite snuggly toy from the crib using a blanket as a tool. He sometimes accomplishes this when Mommy thinks she has placed the toy well out of reach!! I honestly have not yet figured out how he does this.

He figured out what to do with Mommy's hairbrush when he found it laying near the luggage after seeing me use it just once. (I'm not suggesting that I only brushed my hair once between pick up day and holiday travel - although, come to think of it, that may have been the case! ;-)

He quickly figured out that "his" remote is a decoy, so he lost interest in that almost immediately.

He has cleverly learned how to operate the light within the refrigerator, so while Mommy and Daddy are accessing the fridge, Island Boy is operating his very own light show.
He can feed himself with a spoon surprisingly effectively - oh, that might actually qualify as an official milestone, so we'll have to save more details on that for another post...

He has learned to create some very imaginative games. A recent example of this happened at the dinner table on Chinese New Year's Eve. He amused himself and us for a good five or ten minutes while he pretended to put a blueberry into his mouth but took it back out again just as we were telling him, "Good job!".

I'm not sure if any of these "milestones" matter under any "official" reckoning, but they sure are fun!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Reed has no interest in his "real" yet non-working cell phone, only ours.

Island boy certainly is reaching many milestones. A very smart boy obviously!

Kim said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun with your little munchkin!