Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Perfect Age

Before we brought Island Boy home people told us we would be bringing him home at the "Perfect Age''. I smiled and thanked them, knowing that they were being kind and appreciating their attempts to make me feel better about missing out on the first months of his life.

Guess what?? They were right!! Those people were not just being nice. Although it certainly was nice of them to say something so wonderful, it was not simply to make me feel better. It was even better than that: it made me feel better AND it turned out to be true.

While I cannot say what he might have been like had we brought him home sooner, and I cannot say what lies ahead, I do know that this little boy is at an age where he has personality plus. Each day brings new achievements, new noises, new activities and even more irresistibleness.

Did those wonderful people in my life that told me about the "Perfect Age" help me appreciate it even more? Yes, I think so.


Kim said...

Woo-hoo, and walking too! I was just chatting with a friend who adopted children aged 2.5 and 5, and comparing notes on their preparations vs. ours. They skipped: acquiring equipment that is essential for the first 6 months, and never after (such as an infant car seat), feedings every 2 hours for the first 6 months, etc. We just went to a class where they showed us how ugly newborns are until their skin layers wear off and their skull reshapes itself! I'm starting to think there are benefits to skipping that first 6 months.....

Sherry said...

Look at that little man walking! I'm so jealous over here. LOL! (It took Kobi 15 mo to decide to use the feet he'd been given... hahaha!) Anyway I totally agree! My "prego" girlfriends may have had the cute little socks & infant diapers, the baby that weighed 7lbs but I'd take a 20 lb 7 month old with a full set of teeth that slept through the night any day! (That's just me though:)