Friday, February 01, 2008


Our physician friends and many others have told us that children are little incubators of all kinds of germs. We believed them. We didn't need any proof.

Unfortunately, we've been getting proof anyway as hubby and I have been sick more since November than we've ever been and yes, before I was fully recovered from my bout earlier this month, I got hit again. I am sick of being sick! Arrgh!!

Welcome to a whole new world of germs indeed.

Fortunately, and seemingly miraculously, Island Boy has been faring much better than Mommy and Daddy throughout. How does he do it? We don't know, but we are happy that he's been pulling through ok. Hopefully, we will all soon be back to 100%.


Tiffany said...

Renae I could not agree more - since we brought home sophia in of us has been sick or all three of us at one time! Here's wishing you a healthy week :)

Rebecca said...

We've been sick for the past month too. It's been awful this year!!! Hope you guys are feeling normal soon. (This definitely makes you appreciate your health more... doesn't it??)