Monday, February 04, 2008

Sign Us Up!

Mommy and Me (or the more politically correct and certainly fitting "Parent and Me") classes are quite the thing to do here in LA (possibly everywhere). Unfortunately, a lot of these types of classes involve a fair amount of discussion about breast feeding, wobbly necks and other topics that are of little interest to us at this point.

Still, Island Boy is quite the little socializer, so we like to get him out and about and I'm always interested in meeting other moms. Sign Language class seemed like a perfect opportunity. Not only does it give our little guy an hour a week to hang out with friends, sing some songs and play with some toys, it may also be good for him.

Some research suggests that teaching babies sign language may increase their vocabulary and possibly even IQ scores. I don't know if I buy any of that, but I can tell you that Island Boy is simply delighted when he learns a new sign and so are we!!

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Hegemom said...

Oooh, baby sign sounds so cool. Can you post a video some time? My daughter was older when adopted so we managed without signing, but I kinda wish we had, now, just because it's such an interesting idea. GREAT WORK!

(Oh, and thanks for your blog comment-- going to trivia nights is a hobby for my husbie and me so it's like going to a party! It's something I can look forward to!)

Big hugs to you and Island Boy,