Monday, March 03, 2008


Wait times for the Taiwan program have increased to the point that the China program doesn't sound so bad. Can you imagine deciding that you're ready to start your family and being told that your pregnancy would last TWO YEARS?!

That's what people who are entering the Taiwan program these days are hearing. Parents waiting for their children to come home from China are waiting even longer, but not much.

It's difficult to believe that when we first contemplated the Taiwan program, we were told we could have our baby home in as little as five months. Yikes!!! That was toooo fast for me - a woman needs nine months (or so I thought). By the time we figured out that our son was waiting for us in Taiwan and settled on the Taiwan program, the wait times had increased and our process took about a year. Although that was tooooo long, this is our son and that's what it took to bring us together, so we wouldn't have changed a thing even if we could have.

So for those of you waiting - whether you are just beginning to think about it, just finished with all of your dossier requirements, just entering the courts, or waiting for your travel instructions - know that it's all worth it. Still, I hope it goes quickly for you. Two years is a long time to be expecting.

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Sherry said...

2 years now... Isn't it crazy how much change can happen in a year? I agree its worth every second of the wait to find your baby but man these agencies really need to pass out some psych meds along with those dossier checklist. LOL! 2 year wait would make me loco literally! Hahaha!