Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wine Weekend

Island Boy took his first trip to the Wine Country last weekend (no, not that Wine Country). The weather was picture perfect. (My apologies to my readers who were snowed in over the weekend! I think the snow can be beautiful, too!) The skies were brilliant blue with a few wispy clouds here and there and contrails streaming over it all. Recent rains drenched the hillsides in emerald green and the wildflowers were just beginning to throw golden blankets over them. The air was filled with the scent of blossoming almond, cherry and walnut trees. No photo could do it justice.

We drove up to Paso Robles on Friday night to meet some friends for the kickoff of a trip that's been planned for months. Our little sweetheart got to travel in style with his car seat turned around to face forward for the first time ever (oh, I guess I missed an update, didn't I? Yes, Island Boy celebrated his first birthday!! More on that soon, I promise). He wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but loved seeing the cows and horses and sheep along the way and there were lots of them.

We arrived a little later than planned thanks to car trouble (all it takes is a plan to go out of town to make that happen), but once we arrived everything went off without a hitch. Island Boy's friend N met us in the hotel courtyard. The sitter had already showed up with armloads of books and toys and happy hour hors devours were already being served in the Bistro Room. The boys apparently enjoyed their evening with the sitter while mommies and daddies enjoyed a dinner at a local winery followed by dancing under an actual disco ball - who could have guessed we would be discoing on a Friday night in wine country? Not us, but we loved it!

How do we know the boys liked the sitter? We received a report card from her at the end of the evening - our boys' first report cards! We were so proud! It listed what they did, what they ate, when they were changed, etc. Most importantly, when the same sitter showed up the next morning, the boys were happy to see her - and each other (yes, N is a hugger!). We were able to hop in the limo and enjoy our day in the wine country knowing that our little guys were safe and cared for at the hotel. We were back in the afternoon and had a lovely dinner at the hotel with the group.

Sunday morning we enjoyed another delicious breakfast at the hotel of fresh fruit and berries and house made pastries and granola while Island Boy posed in his Oakleys. (This kid doesn't pose much for pictures, but give him some cool eyewear and he knows he looks good!)

After breakfast we wandered the hotel grounds and vineyards and spread out a blanket on the grass while we waited to meet up with another couple of friends for lunch. Island Boy attempted to map out our day for us while we waited. Ah, but his plans changed and it didn't take long for him to fall asleep after lunch. He slept for nearly the entire three hour drive home.

It was a lovely weekend getaway that felt like more than just a few days away. Those are always the best kind.


Kim said...

He looks so cute with that map! I'm glad you had such a great weekend - we encourage you to come back and have more! We loved seeing you.

Tiffany said...

I have been unable to check in on my fav SLC babies and Mr Island Boy is looking more handsome than ever! I love the pic with his collar up. I'm so glad you had a super weekend away. And had the best of both worlds - adult time and snuggle time with IB. CAN'T WAIT to hear about his first birthday. Happy Birthday Island BoyLove
tiffany and sophia

Hegemom said...

OMG, he is growing so FAST! What a cutie!!