Thursday, March 27, 2008


There was a brief article in a local(ish) paper recently about the issue of privacy and mom blogs. It raised the question about whether or not there should be any security concerns when posting photos and information about one's children and family on public blogs.

The article didn't really answer the question. While it did suggest that some, like us, are being cautious and have elected not to post specific identifying information, it didn't give any examples of anyone encountering any ill effects from blogging. For that I am grateful.

Still, we've trended towards the more conservative end of the spectrum. While we always like to believe the best of people, you just never know.


Cindy said...

Hi - I think it's important to err on the side of caution, since you don't know everyone who is reading your blog. I like that you refer to your son as "Island Boy". . .we're thinking of doing something similar whenever we receive our referral.


Hegemom said...

Ah...privacy. Hard to remember when you're writing mostly for friends, isn't it? Argh.

I LOVE the Island Boy shop! I opened one, too a while ago, just for giggles. You came up with the CUTEST logo!



Peter Juan said...

I agree with Hegemom. Privacy can tend to be something of an afterthought because we mostly blog for people we already know and trust. While anonymity and vagueness might provide some measure of privacy and security, self censorship seems to me a bit of a chore. I believe using blogging service that lets you choose exactly who can see which post such as blogs is a better strategy.