Monday, March 10, 2008

Island Salsa

We've had a Twinado sighting here in Island Boy town! For a few brief hours yesterday, we had five toddlers zipping through our house as the Salsa in China girls and our buddies from Boise all converged upon a bewildered Island Boy at the same time.

The poor little guy had just had his breakfast and was enjoying puttering around his own house and getting reacquainted with all of his toys and surroundings after being away for the weekend for his first visit to the Wine Country (more on that later!) when the doorbell rang and in rolled two toddlers followed closely by two more. Some sat back and assessed the scene while others quickly fanned out to get the lay of the land and explore, systematically testing out Island Boy's toys and inspecting his taste in books.

He wasn't quite sure what to make of it all and watched the older kids carefully, jumping in to join the fun when it came to scooter riding. For reasons I cannot explain, they were drawn like magnets as all children seem to be to the magical toy that is difficult to describe, but plays music as it drives in circles and rolls balls around.

Just as they were all getting revved up we all blew out of here for a lunch at one of our favorite local haunts just a couple of miles away. The Boise crew peeled off for parts east so we were left with a marginal four adults to three toddler ratio. We made it through lunch and even managed a quick stop at a local bakery (hey, we were parked right in front of it - it's not like it was easily avoidable!) before the toddler warning signs began to flash and we piled back into our vehicles and headed for our homes. (Yes, those are blow pops you see!)

Halfway through the approximately four minute drive to our home from the restaurant, Island Boy was fast asleep.


M3 said...

What fun!!! Loved every minute.

Marie was asleep within minutes, and Rose followed her lead pretty quickly. They slept for two hours, and probably would have gone even longer but Rod and I were *dying* for a restroom stop. :-)

Hope to see you guys again really soon.

rod said...

It was great to see you guys, and it was fun to finally meet your boy. You guys are natural parents, and I loved seeing you all as a family. The visit was WAY too short - we'll have to make sure we have more time on our next trip down.

Sherry said...

Oh that sounds like a fun
chaotic(SP?)day to me! Love 'd your description of it too! LOL!