Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Magic Signs

Our sign language instructor told us that if we signed "it's time to change your diaper" to our babies they would eventually lie down and wait for us to change their diaper. I was skeptical.

A few days ago I signed "it's time to change your diaper", turned around to grab the diaper, and viola! Island Boy was lying there as cute as can be waiting for me!! (Of course he got up and ran away by the time I was ready, but that's beside the point...)

He's doing it often now, but it still floors me every time. It is just unbearably cute!!


Tiffany said...

Ahhhh Island Boy's a genius and a star student. He is so freakin cute and is looking like such a little man.

Love reading his adventures!!!

Tiffany and sophia

Peter Juan said...

Wow. That's just awesome! So it really does work eh? When the wife and I eventually have a baby of our own I guess it'd be smart to get them signing as soon as possible.