Sunday, April 06, 2008

Single Parenting

Hubby just got back from traveling on business for over a week. While he was gone a number of people asked me how I was enjoying "single parenting".

While I missed him terribly and frequently fantasized about moving back to Ohio to be close enough to get help from my family, I cannot for a second imagine what it would be like to be a single parent. Being without your partner for relatively short periods of time (even if it feels like a relatively long period of time!) is so different from being on your own.

First of all, I knew Hubby was coming back and I knew when he was coming back. What is interesting about that is that Island Boy did not know he was coming back, nor when. It was that fact that made the time particularly challenging for both of us. While I tried to reassure our little Island Boy, he truly loves his Daddy and missed him boatloads (i.e. "this much!!!"). This was made obvious throughout the day every day as Island Boy signed "Daddy" and said "Daddy" when he woke up, when he was bored, when he was upset and at other random points throughout each day. Although he seemed thrilled to see Daddy on Skype, it wasn't quite enough. I could totally relate.

I did wonder what our little boy thought about Skype. He was introduced to Skype on the day we met him, but this is the first time he's really interacted much with it, playing peek-a-boo and doing a few party tricks at Daddy's request. It reminded me a bit of Flat Reed and I wondered if we should refer to Skype Daddy as "Flat Daddy".

I need wonder no more. Daddy is home and we're all very happy about that.

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