Saturday, May 26, 2007


Before we received our referral, I didn't know how I would feel when I saw his picture for the first time.

Now that we have his picture and know a bit about him, we are convinced that this particular person was meant to be family. Our family. The interesting thing is that every other adoptive family I have spoken to about this topic feels the same way about their children. Whatever it is - whether it's a look or a mannerism or a number or a name or some other very special something - there is a connection for every family and we've found ours.

Before our referral, I wondered how people knew their son or daughter was waiting for them in China or Taiwan or Guatemala or Vietnam or Kazakhstan or any other country. As I looked at various adopted children, I would think that any one of those children could just as easily have been mine. As I watched my friends come home from Kazakhstan and from China with their children, my thinking began to change, but I still didn't think it would happen to me - and surely not at the "seeing his picture for the first time" stage. Yet, here I am knowing that there is no other baby in the world that was meant to be ours, and we are totally in love with him.


M3 said...

Yes, yes, yes.
Beautifully put.

shelley said...

I scoured blogs alot before we got our referral. Beautiful babies, all of them. But when our baby's picture popped up on the screen, it took my breath away and I instantly said, "That IS our baby". So glad to know it happens to others as well.