Friday, May 04, 2007

Referral Day

Referral Day has arrived! Even though we've been told a dozen times what to expect on referral day, nothing quite prepares you for seeing a picture of your son for the first time, reading through his medical records, learning about the circumstances surrounding his birth and realizing that he will, if all goes well, be yours. We were, to be honest, in a bit of a shocked state.

The day started out as I'm sure many will - we had planned to be in meetings and working from dawn until dusk. Our plans changed completely. Instead, we started the day by taking my dear husband to the doctor to find out he would need to have surgery on his knee AND on his ankle. As if that wasn't bad enough news, the injuries are, of course, on opposite sides, so the surgeries need to be staggered so that he can get around while he heals from each of the surgeries.

We rushed out of the doctor's office to visit our agency and arrived on time, but Fedex did not. The agency did a wonderful job of putting together our referral package (pictures, medical records and documents for us to sign) without the Fedex package we were all waiting on and Fedex showed up just as we were heading out the door, so it all worked out and we arrived back at home just in time for hubbie to make it to his lunch meeting.

We did manage to relax long enough and late enough to have a very nice dinner celebration.

What a day!!

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shelley said...

Beautiful, precious, gift from God. Thank you so much for sharing your helps those of us waiting.

He was truly worth the wait.