Thursday, May 10, 2007

World Record

We are going for the world's record on how much baby stuff you can stuff into a one-gallon ziplock bag. We've been busy packing and repacking, rolling, stuffing, crunching, and generally rearranging things to see just how much we can send over to our little one. It's amazing just how much you can fit in one of those things! As impressive as it is to see what we are able to fit, it is not quite enough room for all of the things we'd like to fit.

To make matters worse, with the deadline fast approaching, we still have a bit more shopping to do (disposable cameras!!), so we're going to have to be very creative in order to send everything we'd like to send. We're hoping our engineering backgrounds will come in handy. :-)

The trade offs are difficult: is it better to send more clothes or more toys? Does he need another bib or another outfit? This one takes up so much room, but we really like it, but are we better off with more of these??

Stay tuned to see what makes it in to the final care package...

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