Monday, May 14, 2007

One Gallon of Love

Well, we did it! We shipped the package off this morning and it will be off to Taiwan sometime later this week (we think).

After much trial and error and a few "blowouts", we were satisfied with the results. Our regulation-sized one-gallon ziplock bag contained:

1 blanket
1 pair of socks
1 beanie hat
3 onesies
3 bibs
1 toy teething ring
1 toy fish with chewy parts
1 toy dog (that rattles and barks)
1 disposable camera
2 photos of Mommy & Daddy (with ribbon to hang from crib)
Lots of love

Weighing in at one pound, fifteen ounces, we determined that this was the optimal mix of items for a first care package to our little treasure. Selecting these particular items was no easy task and, in the end, the decision was only possible once we learned that we could send an additional package (or packages, for that matter) directly to Taiwan. With this sudden freedom, we can now send our little one all of the items we want him to have. We know that he has everything he needs at the basic level, but we want to make sure he has his own things to comfort him, to stimulate him and to delight him while he waits for us to bring him home.


Judy said...

Wow! Love what you guys sent. I did not know we can send multiple packages... everything is so adorable.

shelley said...

thanks so much for I have some wonderful ideas for our care package (whenever that might be)