Friday, August 03, 2007


Here in California, we all do our part to keep the air clean by getting our cars smogged (i.e. tested for appropriate smog levels) every couple of years or so. Since we had nothing else going on over the past few months (kidding!!), of course hubby's car came due for getting smogged. Wouldn't you know it, but on Tuesday while my unoccupied car was busy getting hit by another unoccupied car, hubby's car was busy getting smogged. I have never known someone whose car did not pass the smog test, but guess what?? As he pulled in to the smog test station, the "check engine" light came on. How about that timing, eh? Let's just say one cannot pass a smog test when one's engine computer desires service. Thanks to Tuesday's failed test, Wednesday meant his car had an all day visit to the dealer and we all know how convenient that is. Tuesday evening we were assured everything had been fixed, but Wednesday brought another "check engine" warning and another visit to the dealer, then another trip to the smog station only to be advised we need to come back after driving 100 miles, then a trip to AAA to get a permit for driving until we can drive 100 miles and after 100 miles we get to go back to the smog place yet again and AAA yet again. Goody.

Oh, and did I mention that I received a message from the insurance company of the rolling van saying that there was a "coverage issue"? Honestly, what kind of luck do you have to have to get your unoccupied car hit by an unoccupied, uninsured 1990 van?

Before I sign off of this post, and lest you think it's all bad in our lives, it's not. It's really not. But sometimes, just for a bit, it might seem that way.


Judy said...

Try to think that these are small things compared to the big picture. These are just things to keep your mind occupied till the baby is home. Although not quite the same as yours, we also went through a "car" thing the past 2 weeks.
Big Hug!

shelley said...

I am totally sending you a rabbit's foot, a horseshoe, and a four-leaf clover. I hope those will turn the tide for you guys. These are the times you feel like carrying an umbrella, because it seems to be pouring. Chin up this is just making you stronger to handle the new arrival. You will the most patience of any other mother around.