Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Like many Americans, we spent New Year's Day in bed. However, we weren't nursing a hangover. No, we are busy battling a bug picked up as a reward for holiday travel. (It continues to amaze me that we can travel the world for weeks or even months at a time in good health, but take a domestic trip over the holidays and, in the words of Emeril, "BAM!")

In any case, we're finally well along on the road to recovery and we have some catching up to do! Island Boy had a great time in the Midwest over the holidays, playing with his cousins and spending time with his family there. It's difficult to choose just a few highlights from the trip, but I'll give it a shot.

Island Boy loved meeting his cousins. It was so sweet to see them giving each other a hug! He was also delighted with the flying pig ornament. Who wouldn't be?

Island Boy learned to navigate stairs in both directions (his previous practical experience was limited to the upward direction) since Grandma has 2 very nice easy carpeted steps separating the giant Bucket O' Toys (which doubles as a drum) from the remainder of the house. Early attempts involved a logical, yet slightly alarming head first maneuver. Since most stairs are not so head first friendly, we were pleased to see his technique evolve into a feet first method by the end of our visit.

Island Boy picked up a new part trick! I don't actually have a shot of that particular maneuver in the Christmas collection, but I promise to post one soon.

We were a little sad that we didn't have snow on Christmas Day (I LOVE a white Christmas and we almost always have one), but the weather was beautiful (although cold).

Cows!! Oh, my goodness, we saw cows!! Island Boy was SOOOO excited to see cows! He also loved crawling through the leaves (don't worry, these were not within the bovine zone).

So, there you have it...a few highlights from our holidays and Island Boy's very first Christmas.


Jackie said...

He is such a little sweetie! I'm sure the holidays were that much nicer with your little man. I love reading about your adventures and seeing new pics. Happy New Year to you all.

Lata said...

Island Boy's first Christmas sounds absolutely wonderful! Glad he got to spend it with family.

And he's climbing steps both ways already?? You've really got to watch that one, he's a smart cookie!

Judy said...

Chance needs to come show Eric how to go down the stairs. he knows to go up, but not down.. Chance is getting cuter each time...